SEVESO III DIRECTIVE Implications for Irish Industry

SEVESO III –“an occurrence such as a major emission, fire or explosion resulting from uncontrolled developments in the course of the operation of any establishment covered by this Directive, and leading to a serious danger to human health or the environment, immediate or delayed, inside or outside the establishment, and involving one or more dangerous substances.”


The SEVESO III directive differs from the SEVESO II directive. The SEVESO II directive will effect all existing operators at different levels. These new COMAH regulations are to improve the regulatory regime and thereby improve safety.

The new regulations will put more responsibility on the operator to ensure all interested parties are fully informed of what types of Chemicals are being stored and what safety measures are in place to both prevent accidents and to ensure that a proper emergency response plan is in place.

SEVESO III covered specific sites which had been identified as “SEVESO” sites.  The new directive will cover all sites who use or store large quantities of Hazardous Materials.

All operators who require the storage of large quantities of dangerous substances on site, will now be compelled to give formal notification to the Health & Safety Authority. The Central Competent Authority (CCA). The operator will also need to inform the Local Authority in relation to Emergency Response Plans and the safety measures which have been put in place by the operators.

How does this effect you? You are legally liable to meet all aspects of this Directive

And how can CHEMSTORE help you to meet your responsibilities in protecting you, your employees and your assets.

Our Health & Safety Director and our Technical Engineering team can offer you a free consultation and a Free Site Assessment to ensure you are compliant.

We can design and manufacture hazardous material storage units and systems to suit your specific needs. We have Drum/IBC Stores, Flammable Stores, HAZMAT Stores, Steel and Plastic Sump units and systems.

Chemstore can provide a complete range of container and containment systems. We will ensure that you are fully compliant with the new legislation and we will advise and train your operators in both the proper and safe storage of Chemicals and the proper and safe handling of these chemicals.

Chemstore have been supplying Industry with our technical advice and our specialist systems for the last 22 years. We have at your service fully qualified technical engineers and highly qualified Occupational Health & Safety professionals who can provide a comprehensive certified Chemical Safety Awareness Program.

Chemstore have the experience and knowledge, we are also the only ISO 9001 accredited Chemical Storage manufacturer in Ireland. All our designs are accompanied by a Structural Engineers Certificate and have a 10 year structural guarantee. Chemstore are also the first in the World to manufacture a Hazardous Material Store to the highly regulated DNVGL 2.7-2 certification standard.

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