Firevault: The highest level of safety when storing flammables


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Manufactured by Chemstore, Firevault brings you the next generation of storage solutions for your flammable materials.

Firevault units guarantee a safer workplace for you and your employees.

Firevault’s accreditations include manufacturing to DNV GL 2.7-2 standards, IMO FTP A60.

Audit & Assessment

At Chemstore we provide an Audit and Risk Assessment service that ensures our customers remain compliant to the latest regulatory and industry safety standards.

Design & Manufacture

Firevault flammable materials stores provides instant, safe and secure storage for all your flammable and hazardous materials form petroleum products to industrial chemicals.

Handling & Storage

Our safety cabinets are designed to ensure the safe storage of acids, pesticides and highly corrosive materials. They are ideal for laboratories, surgeries, production areas and anywhere you might store such materials.


Our vaults are used to house essential process control systems in harsh environments. They are delivered ready for use, easily transportable and conforms with all QM Systems.