24IBC Fire Rated Bunded Store

  • The 24 IBC-I – Insulated Finish with ATEX
  • Heating Fire Rated Bunded Store by Firevault
  • Note hinged doors to be fitted to ensure better heat retention and reduce running costs.
  • 100mm Fire Rated Panels Throughout
  • Image (Right) shows a similar unit manufactured by Chemstore (24 IBC Store)

(A full working drawing will be constructed for customer approval)

Overall Dimensions:

9000L x 3000W x 3250H – mm


24x1000L IBC’s, on 2 levels with a ‘live racking mechanism’ throughout. Allows forktruck access to all pallets from the front of the store.
(To suit positioning preference on site) 1000 x 1200 pallets or IBC’s on the 1200mm side must be used. Loading mechanism is suitable for simultaneous CP3 pallet and IBC storage.


2 no. 3kW ATEX rated Static Heaters fitted with adjustable thermostat to ensure temperature can be maintained (3 no. heaters required for 24 IBC Store)


The 100mm thick Fire-rated panels are fabricated from high quality resin bonded Conrock slab and are securely fixed using the tongue and groove method, for added stability, to the robust welded steel box framework.
When tested in accordance with BS 476 part 22 1987 the panels exhibit the following results:
Resistance to the passage of flames 98 mins. Insulation on temperature 98 mins. Stability >98 mins
There is, therefore fire resistance to the wall construction of 98 mins.

Roof Cladding:

In accordance with Health
& Safety Guidance Notes HS(G)51, which states that: –
“External storage buildings, whether or not they are fire-resisting structures,
should have a light-weight roof to act as explosion relief.”
  The profiled, double skin, fire rated, roof cladding is therefore designed to be of a notably lighter construction than that of the wall & door panels


Corrosion resistant steel sump tray fitted under lower shelf level. Capacity: 5100L (exceeds current Environmental guidelines, 25% of the total volume).
Bund Test Certificates are issued with each unit.


Robust all welded 100x50mm steel box section frame.


5 hinged access doors create good seal within heavy frame in order to better retain heat energy and reduce running costs. Doors are fully padlockable with push fit door catch mechanism to prevent doors from swinging.


6 no. intumescent ventilation Pyrogrilles fitted as standard at high and low level to ensure good ventillation throughout the store. When tested to BS 476 part 22 the panels exhibit a 1 hour Fire-Rating.


All steel coated with 2 pack anti corrosive polyurethane paint system designed to resist chemical attack.


Unit is fitted with forklift channels or certified roof mounted crane lugs to allow for easy unloading and relocation if required.


Relevant safety signs fitted as standard on all units.



3-4 Weeks from receipt
of order.

Cost (24 IBC

ex works Limerick
Armorgard (9000 L x 3050 W x 3250 H)

ATEX Static

3kW ATEX rated heater
suitable for use within a flammable Zone II atmosphere. Adjustable and
settable thermostat is used to control the internal air temperature
from approximately 10°C to 15°C. +/- 5° accuracy Cost including fitting
for 24 IBC Store: (3 Heaters Required)

Hi-AB Unloading
required for proposed store:

Optional Extras:  Store bolting down and fixing by a Chemstore Engineer Unloading is otherwise the responsibility of the client company.

Optional Extras

Chemstore units must be supplied by a clean RCBO supply – rather than the RCD / MCB devices. Power rating dependent on installed components.


Flameproof roof mounted extractor suitable for zone 1 and zone 2. Complete with externally mounted on/off switch giving minimum of 10 air changes/hour.


Light Fitting:

1500mm (5”) twin fluorescent light fitting suitable for use in zone 1 and zone 2 flammable areas.
Complete with on/off switch.


1kW flameproof double tier tubular heater manufactured in accordance with the requirements of B.A.S.E.E.F.A. and suitable for use in gaseous atmospheres of group IIB, temperature classification T3.


Explosion proof power sockets. Explosion protected plugs tops must be used with these.

Access Ramp:

Non-slip aluminium checker plate fixed to polyurethane coated mild steel framework.

Grounding Cable:

Must be used when transferring highly flammable liquids in order to safeguard against ignition of vapours by static discharge.
Cable A Heavy duty Alligator clips connected with 900mm multicore earthing cable.
Cable B Medium duty Alligator clips connected with coiled flexible earthing cable.
All prices quoted are excluding VAT.


  • Ensure proper PPE is used when working with Hazardous Materials.
  • Only Trained and Certified forktruck drivers should use the store.
  • Ensure that a Spill Kit is immediately available for accidental spills.
  • Drums being stored must be strapped and secured to the pallet.
  • Keep doors closed when the unit is not in use.
  • Always beware of moving parts (carriage)
  • The Safety Store is not designed for personnel use.




  • Strap drums to pallets securely.
  • Ensure that the pallet / IBC has been secured properly with valves and caps closed.



  • Approach the safety store squarely and address the moving carriage properly.
  • Ensure that the pallet is well located on the carriage.


  • Do not damage the store framework when loading.
  • Do not operate at a dangerous speed.
  • When loading a second IBC / pallet, gently push the 1st pallet backwards whilst ensuring that the pressure is directed to the lowest possible point of the first pallet.


  • The first pallet will move easily.
  • Due to the moving parts, always operate slowly and carefully.


  • Simply repeat the procedure in reverse to remove units.

Advantages of Firevault Stores

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